Cedar Pride Wreck

This is one of the Jordan’s most popular and celebrated dives. A former Lebanese freighter, the ship sustained extensive damage during a fire in 1982. Following a request from King Abdullah, the ill-fated vessel was deliberately sunk approximately 150 m offshore as an artificial reef for divers. Lying on its port side at a maximum depth of 26m across two reefs, the wreckage has been colonized by numerous hard and soft corals. The wreck is largely intact and 78m in length with the most interesting diving on the seaward side, where you can see the deck and superstructure. The outstanding feature is the crow’s nest, which is covered with a profusion of colorful soft corals and stands out against the clear blue water. As you swim back along the uppermost starboard side, you can find plenty of hard corals and small animals that have made their home on the hull, including anemones, table corals, pipefish and clusters of Acropora, this make for an excellent night dive.

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