Bernice Jetty


Accessibilità: Barca o Riva – Immersione: Reef
Depth: max – 18 meters / 50 feet
The Geographical Location: Latitude 29°25’29.9”N Longitude 34°58’19.0”E
The reason it was given this name is because it has a large Gorgonia fan coral at 16m depth. Maximum depth of the site is 18m and
is excellent for newly certified divers. It has an entry access from shore of 3m wide and 4m deep, after passing through this wonderful
passage (various uncommon shy creatures hiding in caves all the way along) the diver is met with a vast cabbage coral. This dive
provides examples of a fantastic array of the different varieties of the coral of the Red Sea. The site has three large pinnacles extending
from the bottom to near the sea surface, inhabited by unique soft and hard corals forming a safe and wealthy home for many kinds of
beautiful invertebrates and fish. The boulder, fan and table corals complete the coral packed tour!

Maggiori informazioni da sapere

You may contact us at Bait Al Aqaba Diving Center to get more information about GORGONE I diving area with all instruction required, There are many other sites for diving in Aqaba might be interested for you, like GORGONE I e Giardino giapponese offrendo una straordinaria esperienza di immersione ad Aqaba 

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