Japanese Garden


Accessibility: Boat or Shore – Dive: Reef
Depth: max – 30 meters / 100 feet
The Geographical Location: Latitude 29° 25.759’ N Longitude 34° 58.347’ E
Located just to the south of the Shipwreck. One of the best dive sites worldwide with very good conditions for diving and snorkeling.
The reef begins in shallow water and then gently slopes to the magnificent colorful reef bed where very large schools of Anthias (Gold
fish) play with the golden sun beams while getting their snack of plankton around the pinnacles. Lyre Tail Groupers, Royal Angelfish,
Moray Eels, big Clam Shells are also very common here. In 2013 many corals were placed here from the Saudi Border to save them
from destruction due to development of a new port facility there. You will see many tagged markers. They are now starting to flourish
and become part of this great reef again. There are two boat moorings on this reef one nearer the shore and another on the outer reef.

More information to know

You may contact us at Bait Al Aqaba Diving Center to get more information about JAPANESE GARDENS diving area with all instruction required, There are many other sites for diving in Aqaba might be interested for you, like GORGONE I and Kiwi Reef offering their professional diving experience in Aqaba 

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